Professional Development webinar: How to teach Beginner ESL students

Learn how you can expand and improve your ESL programs to help beginner learners.  This professional development webinar will help your ESL outcomes whether your work in higher education, K12, or a private language institution.


One of the challenges beginner learners face is gaining initial confidence in English, or moving from A1 to A2.  The faster students can get to A2, the faster they can join traditional education streams and the less likely they are to give up.


Teaching beginners tends to have more pitfalls than other levels, and in this webinar we’ll go over:


  • How to approach beginner students 
  • Activities for beginners
  • Teaching strategies for beginners


No matter what your situation is, if you work with beginners, this professional development webinar will be helpful. Sign up with your institutional email address and we'll help you make the most of working with beginners.