ESL Placement Testing for School Admins and Teachers

What you need to know about a student's English proficiency when making admission (and enrollment) decisions

When You Attend, You Will Learn...


  • The main problem with the current methods schools use to assess English proficiency for incoming students 
  • The challenges in deploying these methods 
  • What an ELA teacher needs to know about a student's English proficiency on day 1
  • Best practices in tracking a student's English proficiency progress
  • How an efficient student onboarding practice can save school resources


Private Schools, Public K12 Schools, and Higher Ed institutions have been benefiting from our tools and expertise to make admissions and enrollment decisions. We'd like to share what we've learned by working with schools like yours. 


During our webinar, the founding team at Off2Class will take you through a live demo and answer your questions about how we can help you streamline international students admissions and enrollments, at your school.