How to launch Online ESL Lessons at your Brick-and-Mortar school

In this session, we'll provide simple steps to launch synchronous online ESL lessons at your institute. We'll focus on leveraging assets you already have to keep infrastructure costs to a minimum.

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Join the Off2Class team to learn how to launch online ESL lessons at your brick-and-mortar institute. 

What you'll learn:

  • Simple steps to set up your school's online ESL offering 
  • What to avoid (synchronous vs. asynchronous approach)
  • How to keep infrastructure costs at a minimum (and leverage free tools or tools you already have in-house)
  • Ideas for the big launch!

Our goal is that after the session, each participant is ready to launch online ESL lessons at their institute. 

Come learn from the team that's been powering the largest online ESL schools on the web for years.